Up to 8 % fixed annual interest rate on your capital!


Invest your money profitably! Benefit from a market worth millions as well as from a company that combines outstanding goals and extraordinary visions. Invest for instance indirectly in the fastest growing bio-ethanol market with greatest possible financial security on your investment.
Invest in us – Invest in the HARTMUT DOERING GROUP.

Due to the direct capital investment on the basis of the immediate invest in the company there are no brokerage costs occurring. Furthermore, the investor’s interest illustrate tax-deductible operating expenses and therefore the business is able to distribute extraordinarily high interest rates for their investors. In the future, the private investor will benefit from one of the strongest growing markets of the world.


The HARTMUT DOERING GROUP has proved itself as a solid, scalable
Business model with brilliant prospects in highly profitable proven markets
In order to drive growth further, HARTMUT DOERING GROUP is now
developing the business model through subsequent investments.

You can participate in this positive course. You as a private investor or
also your business will benefit from the growing market.


We invest the funds available in different areas. Areas such as a factory location
for ethanol, photo-voltaic areas and Forex trading.

(1) Fixed annual rate 6% p. a. |                  (2) Minimum amount: € 5,000
(3) Interest payments on a quarterly basis (4) Duration 3 years + No premium

(1) Fixed annual interest rate 8% p. a. |     (2) Minimum amount € 10,000
(3) Interest payments on a quarterly basis (4) Duration 3 years + No premium


Overall view production plant

Ethanol production

Overall view: Grinding plant, ethanol production, power generation

Ethanol production


Information reservation

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Risk Disclosure

This offer by the HARTMUT DOERING GROUP in the form of a qualified subordinated loan is not a so-called trust-free investment but an equity interest with risks. An investment in an equity interest represents a risk, just like any business activity. In principle, a loss of the invested capital of the investor can not be ruled out. The investor should therefore always be able to sustain a partial or even a total loss from this investment.


The profitability data, other data, representations, figures and development trends contained in this concept are based exclusively on the forecasts and experiences of the editors. Although all data, values, figures and development projections presented are accurate and based on current estimates of the economic situation and the sales market, deviations due to a future development other than the assumed one are possible, in particular with regard to the calculated and projected figures. A guarantee for the correctness of the figures and calculations can not be accepted, as far as printing, calculation and character errors have should. Liability for deviating future economic developments, for changes to the legal basis in the form of laws, decrees and jurisprudence can not be accepted, as these may be subject to change. In particular, no liability can be assumed for the information given in this concept with regard to the tax calculations and explanations. No person is entitled to make any information deviating from the present concept, unless he is authorized by the editors in writing.