From small to large projects; From enterprise planning to development; From initiative strategies to profit optimization. Our solution models accompany you at every stage of your business trip.


We know how important and how difficult it is to choose the right project for your investments. We also know that you prefer to invest in one with calculated risk, profitability and maximum return on investment.

Our experience in business management, risk and potential analysis of new businesses and start-ups is what drives investors from different parts of the globe to trust us and to multiply their investments. This is due to one main reason: We rely on PRECISION!

Though business models might appear uncertain – we do have and provide the right means and systems for performing anlyses and evaluations of new projects. The focus is on determining the potential of your projects.


Hartmut Doering Group is providing business services for natural and legal entities.
Business development is associated with multiple processes. These include strategic planning, assessments of growth opportunities, synthesizing complex business information for the realization of the strategy, implementation of а successful business practice in the process of development.
The outcome is establishing a long-term value, based on the strengthening of the relationships with partners, customers and the overall business environment. In a nutshell, every business flourishes by means of stabilization the above-mentioned factors.
Our team of business experts manages to identify the separate possibilities and potentials of any business. Thanks to their professionalism they will lead to corporate success.
Our mission is to reinforce your trust in us, to exceed your expectations and based on that to build stable and long lasting relationships with each and every partner.


Teodora Yordanova

CEO of Hartmut Doering EOOD


Besnik Kurtishi

CEO of Hartmut Doering Beratung in Switzerland-Baar