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Our longstanding experience in supporting and developing different business projects as well as our extensive knowledge of the macro and micro economic processes enables us to assess the potential and the range of every individual project. In these relations we have the full capacity to partner with entrepreneurs who are planning innovative projects in various fields as well as with investorss who are seeking for a good opportunity for return on their investments.


We are helping various companies with their corporate growth and development. At the same time, this process allows the project owner to reinvest his capital in a new area or a field that is more suitable for his current goal.


This is our strength. We started as a consultancy and we pride ourselves that through the years we became an experienced leader in this area. We distinguish ourselves by our professional ambitious team as well as by a wide range of satisfied customers and partners.




You have the idea and the financial resources, but yet you need a strategy. We will be our loyal partner all the way - from precise planning, implementation, analysis and evaluation to further development and expansion.


Renewable Energy Projects

We will invest our 15 years of experience in this area in your project or we can find the right one for you in any area of the renewable energy industry.

Warehouse Projects

We will assist you with solutions for finding the right warehouse for rent or sale.

Marketing Projects

Development of marketing strategies. Requirements, turnover, central function of management, 4 P's.


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