Visionary thinking drives us to reach new milestones and ensures the sustainable development of the family business. All parties involved - internal and external employees - contribute their ideas and creativity, working efficiently and performing demanding tasks in order to promote the corporate culture. Optimism, responsibility and treating each other with mutual respect – this represents our corporate philosophy.


We, the HD Group, are a family-run business with its headquarters located in Germany. Also, we are connected with independent companies throughout Europe. Our focus is on consulting small to medium-sized businesses.

Our spectrum of business operations varies from consulting, project development and strategic planning to managing business establishments. The synergy effect of these areas leads to a stable and long-term business growth as well as to attaining the beforehand predefined business goals of our customers and partners.



We have a holistic approach to the various aspects of professional analysis.

Combining traditional business practices with modern thinking plus the ability to adopt innovative business concepts with the potential for further growth are our characteristics.

Benefit from a team of service professionals, specialized in key industries and business areas. They are proven individuals in the field of economy, marketing, and business development with years of experience.

Professional passion and dedication allow us to not make any compromises on the quality of our work.

We offer a large network of partners within the whole of Europe that enables us to cover a wide range of various sectors.



We aim to achieve the maximum return on investments for our customers. That is why we focus on our full capacity, experience and possibilities to use all the resources of the business environment. Our work approach is always professional with attention to the very detail of your individual requests.

Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with maximum benefits. Expect financial stability as well as economic success. Basis of our long-term partnerships is our customer’s confidence which we win through guaranteeing targeted- and success-oriented action.


We build our corporate culture based on our team of employees. Each of them illustrate an important central factor. They all include their professional experience and potential, their optimism and enthusiasm, their sense of responsibility as well as their respect to our corporate values


Impeccable service: We are providing the most professional advisory services in the field of business development and project management. 

High professionalism: We are constantly investing in the knowledge, experience, and expertise of our employees.

Engagement: Our team’s enthusiasm and endeavor regarding the achievement of satisfying results is tireless.


Our fields of activity and the orientation of our projects are entirely based on the program of sustainable development! Our main priorities include: Environmental protection, education and economic growth. These objectives are the mainstay for all of our actions as well as the heart of the company.